What does the Earth sound like today?

Join with researchers involved in one of the newest scientific disciplines - Soundscape Ecology - as they map the sounds of our planet, and what they tell us about the health of the world we live in.

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The ocean at Seawall, Acadia NP.

1 years ago

Coyotes after daybreak, purple martins and a pickerel frog. Also wild turkey, blackbirds and distant cows.

3 days ago

Sitting on my patio relaxing

4 days ago

Twins 6-Mar-2015

1 months ago

Bird Island Seychelles

13 days ago

Honey bees in the rosemary. The occasional crow in the distance. A car on the next street.

5 days ago


5 days ago

.black k birds in morn

5 days ago

Birds singing and flying around in the trees above me

5 days ago

Bubbling baby rapid about five miles from the Colorado River Headwaters

6 days ago

No Description

1 years ago

Waiting to cross the street

7 days ago

soundscape Rue Pierre Legrand,LILLE,FRANCE

7 days ago

Music in the back

19 days ago

Sitting in my garage in Kailua, Hawaii shortly before sunset on an April evening.

8 days ago

Thunder of an oncoming storm.

8 days ago

Spring frogs and a red winged black bird along a pathway in Clam lake township mi. There is syanding swampy water and woods. The sound is nearly all frogs.

9 days ago

Birds, bees, highway noise from far off, some water sound from river, and or creek

9 days ago

In the yard in west Georgia (senaki)

9 days ago


19 days ago

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